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How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife 11
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Contemporary Advertising & IMC 4
Juan Carlos S. Pizarro ADPRAC4 3AD-4 3
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Imma Monica Garvida ADPRAC4 3AD-4 2
Jericson Jabar ADPRAC4 3AD-4 2
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Jessica Ysabel Baldosa ADPRAC4 3AD-4 1
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Bench: The Naked Truth Billboards 34
The Future of Advertising: The Brand Story 3
The Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables: Awareness Against Food Waste 2
Worst Client Comments Turned Into Posters 2
Anti-Littering Ads in Toronto: Littering Says A Lot About You 1
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The Force: Volkswagen Commercial 1
Robinsons “Pals Commercial” 1
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These companies changed their logos this year 3
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Creative Strategy and Creative Process 3
The Other 50% of The Prelim Exams 2
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Volkswagen’s ‘Eyes On The Road’ Cinema Stunt 1
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Pantene Commercial 1
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M&M “Sexy and I Know It” 1

Del Monte Pineapple and Orange Juice Ad Campaign

This is an Ad Campaign I made for Del Monte Pineapple and Orange Juice: Heart Smart for my Presentation class.

I used two combinations of color which is Yellow & Orange that stands for their Orange flavored drink and Yellow & Green for Pineapple Juice Drink.

Teaser #1


Teaser #2


Introduction Ad

Intro Ad

Sustaining Ad #1


Sustaining Ad #2


Volkswagen’s ‘Eyes On The Road’ Cinema Stunt

The brilliant car safety ad was created by Volkswagen. The Ad hijacks cinemagoer’s mobile phones to show exactly how distracting a text message can be. The ad was shown in a Cinema in Hong Kong. The Cinemagoers were shown a video where someone was driving through a forest when halfway the video, they all received a text message, upon checking their phones the car crashes.

Reminding them the risk of texting while driving.