Artists Made Our Basic Equipment Frustrating To Use.

This is amazing. Really smart and clever and just the artistry and creativity is unbelievable!!

Samsung takes ALS Challenge.

The SmartPhone industry has been one of the most, if not the most talked about industries of technology in our generation and big names have been going at it to either boost their customers impression of them or to solidify their position in the ranks. I am not fully aware of the current standings for each of the big developers but I am aware of their ways to further kick butt in the industry of technology AND in advertising alike.

It doesn’t surprise me to see this recent article about Samsung taking the ALS challenge, a challenge that is given to famous names that will make them pour a bucket of ice to themselves or donate to the foundation. Samsung taking this particular challenge isn’t only a way to keep the challenge going but it would also be of great impact to their advertisement and for the people’s awareness towards their products durability.

I personally find this really smart and knowing that they challenged their competition to do the same would only make their competition even more interesting.