Marcelinny’s sweet student, Candy

No Mistakes, No Learning


face1 Marcelinny, 51Talk teacher

“No mistakes, no learning.”

I can’t forget the day I met Candy for the first time. She was a bit reserved. I tried to make her smile; but she seemed too shy to smile back. She was so reluctant to express her emotions that I needed to remind her to be comfortable with me. “The more you enjoy the lesson, the more you learn,” I said. She was very scared to make mistakes, too, so I kept reminding her: “No mistakes, no learning.”

Despite several meetings, I persisted in making her feel comfortable. I conducted my lessons with humour until I saw her very first smile. It was beautiful! And I let definitely her know that.

The lessons that followed began to get more exciting and fun for both of us. I hear her chuckle at the first sound of a funny ice breaker. She has grown so fond of…

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