The Future of Advertising: The Brand Story

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Story Worldwide is a post-advertising agency. In essence, we believe that advertising-as-interruption is over. We connect brands to customers by telling engaging and entertaining stories that audiences actually want to hear.

Brand is story.

First, you have to find the core story at the heart of your brand —what we call the Story Platform. Create narratives based on it and publish those narratives across all relevant media in weird and wonderful ways.

As each story is published, it needs to be syndicated and shared with it’s intended audience where they are most likely to encounter those stories. Then use paid media —— TV spots,events, paid search and so on — to let people know your content is out there.

The content has to be easy for people to share so everyone can help spread the brand’s stories.
To make sure your audience can find your content when searching, make sure everything is tagged and optimized appropriately. So it goes, round and round, driving results and effectiveness up, up, up while driving media spend down, down, down.

The best part comes next: Sustained by the brand’s storytelling, the brand’s fans add, syndicate and share their own content —— comments, links, ratings, and entirely new versions —— and all this brand-inspired content —— whether new stories or conversation about old ones —— creates more marketingmomentum for free, forever.
The result of rigorously following this path is a permanent market advantage for the brand——lower total cost of marketing; higher impact.

All you need is to make sure you’ve got your story straight.

Internet, one of the best places where someone could easily share or tell their own experiences and thoughts about something. Anything you post or write down can be seen by other people which causes the word of mouth. Where people could tell other people about something so fast until it reaches other people worldwide. Advertising using the internet is one of the most easiest and free kind of advertising a brand or a company can do. Their brand is being promoted by someone who they didn’t pay. That’s why a brand should come up with a effective kind of advertising to keep the consumers or viewers be interested with the product they are selling. If they create a big impact through the net because of an ad, a video etc. this means they can keep people be interested with their product — which means they have created a very effective kind of advertising.

– Aileen Dizon

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