If Commercials were Honest

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To be frank, I think most commercials are nothing but a bunch of lies. The only time they tell the truth is at the very end of the commercial where they’re talking really fast and you can’t understand them. They are entertaining, yes but to be able to caught the consumer’s interest was to use words and elements that are appealing (most part definitely not the truth) and tend to leave out the bad effects or information.

So I found this video “If Beer Ads Were Forced To Be Honest – Beer Commercial Parody.” that shows the honest side of advertising, a very good example. This video doesn’t even make sense but you get point. After watching the video, what are your thoughts? 

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  1. This is very interesting in a way that it says the total opposite of what beer commercial would normally say. Every time they advertise their products, they are contradicting the truth about it. But still, who would even slander their own product? Even if they are not honest, they still show their concern to their consumers by reminding them to “Drink Responsively”



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