Thoughts about Adbusters’ cause

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(click this link if you want to watch the video: **ps I don’t know how to make this work, forgive me.)

I was assigned to do a report last year about Kalle Lasn and Adbusters Organization for our Design Theory class. I’ve gathered alot of facts about his cause and found out that Adbusters is purely against the act of consumerism. Kalle Lasn stated some striking campaign topics like; The Product is you, Consumption will fill the void, and The beauty industry is the beast. He delivered the message in terms of Commercials posted on Youtube and Television, of course with his published works and the monthly issues of the Adbuster magazine. He is a man who dreamed of a brighter future in design, advertising and  hopes to spread uncommercials far and wide.

For example, under the campaign topic “The beauty industry is the beast.” this campaign talked about…

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