The Art of War by Sun Tzu and RTS games

Aenro Mikko Gubatina



Crazy it may seem, but I truly am fond of playing computer war games and one of the genres I play is RTS or Real-time strategy games where the player should build, gather resources, establish defenses, attack or defend. Examples of RTS Games that I’ve played are Generals: Command and Conquer, Stronghold Series, Medieval: Total Warfare, the good old Red Alert and much more.

In these games (even though not realistic), the Art of War comes at play and the only way to attain “Mission Accomplished” or “You are Victorious” is to be able to understand every single factor that can affect the outcome of the war/ game.

The Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu explains every detail of managing yourself, your troops, your enemies and especially the terrain or environment you are waging war in. The book does not specifically explain on what you should…

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