Anti-Littering Ads in Toronto: Littering Says A Lot About You

Lazy - Littering Says A Lot ABout You
series of clever advertisements have been popping up around Toronto urging visitors and residents to keep from littering by reminding them that “littering says a lot about you.” The ads, by the City of Toronto’s Livegreen organization, arrange pieces of trash found on the ground so that their labels spell out pejorative terms for people who litter.

A brilliant and unique idea for an advertisement with a cause. I think these kind of ads would be more effective than the old “Please, throw your trash properly” sign. Once a person reads these ads he would be thinking “I’m not lazy, dumb or even selfish” kind of idea so instead proving that the ad was right, he would throw his trash properly to satisfy himself the idea that he isn’t one of those kind of people the ad was talking about. 

Click this link for more: Clever Anti-Littering Ads Use Trash To Mock Litterers


– Aileen Dizon


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