Ever heard the phrase “knowledge is power” (knowledge itself is power) by a philosopher named Francis Bacon? It may sound cheesy but have you consider it to be true?

Another saying between man and power is that:

The sciences, are small power; because not eminent; and therefore, not acknowledged in any man; nor are at all, but in a few, and in them, but of a few things. For science is of that nature, as none can understand it to be, but such as in a good measure have attained it.

By: Thomas Hobbes (English Philosopher)

Through this we could conclude that man, with enough knowledge, could be capable of doing more things compared to a man with less of it but then, how could a man collect vigorous amount of knowledge if he is not aware of it?

Studying could be one solution for gathering knowledge but we MIGHT only hinder a man’s progress of discovering NEW things if we limit him into published textbooks and old teaching habits that have been overused for centuries without a single change.

Then how should a man gather his knowledge to have that awesome power making him to do things no other man can without stopping his progress of understanding things?

The Blogosphere appears!

Blogging is one of the most practical, convenient, and most used form of information sharing of the 21st century. The Blogosphere, the world of blogs and the highway of information, that each information co-exist with each other, which flows through the lifeline of the World Wide Web, is used by almost all people to write, share, give their insights, opinions, studies, concepts and ideas to be read and understand by other people using it.

Imagine a man knowing all what other people know and use it to form a new idea that no one has ever come by before, now that is power.

If man only fully appreciate the concept of the blogosphere and acknowledge it as a potential resource material and use it for generating new ideas in the various aspect of multiple intelligence known and unknown, only then will man know the meaning of “Knowledge is Power”

Francis Bacon- Knowledge is Power:



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