Mcdonalds’ Selfie Lolo Commercial

The Rabbit Hole

It is no doubt that Mcdonalds is on top of their game in advertising. Their commercials are always the talk-of-the-town. I’m pretty sure that anyone can remember Mcdonalds past commercials. When I stumbled upon Mcdo’s newest commercial, I was certain that it would be talked about. It’s amazing how they incorporated the selfie stick to the older generations. It was a pretty good and funny commercial. The only downside is that the commercial isn’t focusing on the products itself — even though I’m pretty sure Mcdo doesn’t need commercials anymore considering its success.

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  1. McDonalds always adapt to the trend of the society. Through their ads, people can relate easily. And also even if they already earn a lot it doesn’t mean they have to stop advertising. It should be their inspiration to 9roduce more creative ads 🙂 They were so versatile in conceptualizing ads 🙂

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