Am I really under depression? And is this manner my only way out?

I always find myself writing down my own name over and over again. At first, I don’t mind it, but it had become worst, I even write down my signature, my nickname, and everything that is in my name. Out of curiosity, I searched the internet. And what I discovered was shocking..


An answer from Nihil Sanctus:

As Freud pointed out, there is a relationship between repetitive acts & religious ritual: They soothe.

OCB–Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior–is a coping mechanism. Faced with an unhappy situation, people often react with rocking, pacing, or repetitive actions–like writing a name or a phrase over & over. Among primal peoples (in touch with their essential nature rather than alienated from themselves by a society that often puts us “out of touch” with ourselves & our natures), names are often viewed as sacred. They often have a tribal name & a “sacred” name, revealed to them during a rite of passage, shared with no members of the tribe.

Repeatedly performing an action, especially one as personal & self-involved as writing one’s name, is a soothing ritual, one that can give comfort in times of stress & depression.

If it makes you feel better & harms no one, by all means recognize & use it.

But that is a temporary treatment, not a cure. What you might want to look into is assistance in finding the source of your depression. Treat the cause, not the symptom. It may be something as simple & treatable as a chemical imbalance. If the problem is psychological rather than physical, that can also be dealt with by proper counseling to put you in touch with the causes of your depression. If there is an emotional source of your depression, the only way to deal with it is to recognize it.
Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.


Am I really under depression? And is this manner my only way out?

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